Skylight Cleaning

Our skylight cleaning service includes all of the following:

  • Soak down entire skylight with sudsy, soapy water
  • Professionally squeegee window leaving no streaks

Please note that our skylight cleaning service is for cleaning the EXTERIOR only of a skylight.  If interior cleaning of a skylight is desired, we would have to determine if this is possible on a case-by-case scenario.  Sometimes, skylights on the interior of a home are close to a wall where a ladder can be situated in order to access the interior of the skylight.  In other cases, accessing the interior of a skylight is simply not possible due to risks and safety concerns of situating a tall ladder to a roof peak, inside a home where typically furniture and other items make the job impossible to accomplish. However, we can evaluate the situation if requested.

Some of the benefits of choosing Coastal Clear Window Cleaning include:

  • License & Insured
  • Free Quotes
  • No Contracts
  • Uniformed Window Cleaners
  • Recurring Service 10% Discounts
  • We’ll Remind You When Your Next Service is Due
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – If You Aren’t Satisfied After Completion of a Service, Just Call Us So We Can Rectify the Problem.

Let us show you that Coastal Clear Window Cleaning is…

  • Easy to work with: No written contract required
  • Professional: We are uniformed when performing our service and carry workers comp
  • Conscientious: We pay attention to detail and always ensure you are happy with our service
  • Reliable: Year-round cleaning schedules – we’ll remind you when your next service is due
  • Flexible: Compliance with most corporate billing procedures

It’s surprising how extremely dirty a skylight can become. The picture below is an actual customer’s skylight we were in the middle of cleaning, and we took this photo to show the severe dirt buildup on the skylight, which was blocking a significant amount of light from passing through. You can clearly see the difference on the side that has our soapy water, it is like night and day!  As you can imagine, cleaning your skylights periodically can make a huge difference, and you may not even realize how much light is being blocked by the dirt until you have them cleaned.

Skylight Cleaning

Move the arrow on the picture below to see the before and after difference

Skylight Before Skylight After

Simply stated, we treat our customers and our employees like family. That’s our difference. You want timely, reliable service from someone who really cares about your satisfaction and who has pride in their work. With Coastal Clear Window Cleaning, that’s precisely what you’ll get.

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